5 Steps to Take Before Going to a MacBook Repair Shop

Apple MacBook is often used for professional work. MacBook’s are expensive gadgets. They are durable and efficient in accomplishing the most complex tasks.

Any damage caused to the MacBook needs an expert to fix it. MacBook repair from an experienced service provider ensures reliable and trustworthy repair service.

MacBook Repair in Dubai

Some of the common MacBook repair issues include:

  • Battery not charging
  • Unexpectedly shutting down
  • Programs running slowly
  • Mac becomes extremely hot
  • Fan is not spinning
  • Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection problem
  • Unresponsive keyboard
  • Broken or damaged screen
  • Graphics card issues
  • Non-functional trackpad
  • Blurred display

Following a few precautionary steps before taking the MacBook to a repair shop is always helpful for users. It helps to save vital data and files for future use.

Prepare your MacBook before taking it to a repair shop:

Back up file: A MacBook running slowly or freezing frequently could be a sign of more serious problems. Before taking it to the repair shop back up important folders and files while still having access to them.  Backing up files on an external hard disk or iCloud storage helps to retrieve them in the event of a system failure.

Switch off and keep the MacBook cool: Continuous usage creates heating issues. Switching it off completely for some time helps the hardware to reset and clear the memory. When MacBook runs with the same issue after switching it on, it needs expert repair services to fix the issue.

Update drivers: Frequent freezing of MacBook may be due to driver issues. Any new hardware peripherals connected to the MacBook might cause an issue with the device. Updating the drivers and software applications will resolve the issue.

Flip the MacBook in case of water spillage issue: An accidental spill of water may damage the MacBook to a greater extent. The power chord must be unplugged, the battery should be removed, and any external peripherals must be disconnected. After doing this flip the MacBook upside down. It helps to pull the water back into the keyboard and stop the water from getting into the core components.

Following these primary precautionary measures will help to keep the data and various hardware components of the MacBook safe before actually being attended by an expert repair service provider.

Dubai Laptop Rental is the preferred service provider for any MacBook Repair Service in Dubai. Our expert technicians handle all sorts of MacBook issues and quickly resolve them with perfection.

Our Apple certified technicians use advanced technology tools to resolve MacBook repair issues. They discuss the issue in detail with the customers and proceed with the repair service after prior approval from them. It helps us to have a transparent service process.

We offer all kinds of MacBook repair services ranging from water spillage, screen damage, to hard disk issues.

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