South Carolina Basketball Coach Louis Vuitton Dawn Staley Wins National Championship in LV Silver & Black and Monogram Denim Jackets

South Carolina Basketball Coach Dawn Staley has not only been making headlines for coaching her team to winning national championships, but also for her fabulous courtside style:

Image: GQ Sports

Affectionately dubbed “Louis Vuitton Dawn” by Fashion Bomb Daily readers, Staley has sizzled in several LV jackets. She coachd today’s game in a $5,370 Louis Vuitton Graphic Accent Silver Calfskin Jacket:

Earlier this week, she grabbed headlines in a Denim Louis Vuitton monogram jacket and matching sneakers:

Another game, another Louis Vuitton stunner. This one ? A $3,150 Louis Vuitton Hybrid Leather and Cotton Damier Blouson:

Which one is your favorite?

Shout out to Dawn for simultaneously mastering her craft with superior swag.

What say you?

Images: Getty/NCAA Sports

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