What Are the Differences Between a Photocopier and a Printer?

Dubai Laptop Rental Company comes with an eclectic range of Copiers: Few of the Copier machines which you can avail at Copier Rental in Dubai includes the BizHub and INEO Series of Photocopiers. You should be aware of the differences in between Photocopier and Printer. Both work on the Fundamental of a Managed Print Program and requires a Toner. A Printer Rental service can also work Best for you.

Copier Rental in Dubai


Learn the 5 Major Differences between photocopier and printer:

At the Outset, the Features vary depending on the Machines:  The Photocopier makes duplicate copies of any physical document without a Computer Network. To the contrast, the Printer, sends an instruction to the Computer or Laptop and permits the user to send the documents from the Computer Network, in order to get printed on the device. The Formula is (Photocopier=Making Duplicate copies/Printer=Print).

The Printers already possess a Physical Copier Function. Contrarily, Multifunction Printers possess profuse additional capabilities such as Printing, Copying, Scanning and Faxing. Older copiers may print in colour or else only in Black and White. But, the Multifunction Printers can tackle both the modes. The uniqueness is that Copiers and Multifunction Printers can produce High levels of Printed materials.

Speed: There are instances, where, Copiers are speedier, compared to Printers. In fact, when it is a bulk requirement the Copier can overcome a Multifunction Printer too!!

User Friendliness: Few Multifunction Printers prove cumbersome and tedious in terms of usage, while switching in between plethora modes. Copiers possess more number of Buttons and the Settings can turn a simple copy to a Massive chore. Combining both of them, a Multifunction Printer is the most adaptive when it comes to “User Experience”.

 Versatility: As mentioned before, Multifunction Printers are more advanced and versatile compared to a Copier. With the advent of Technical advancements, hunting a machine, which does not Print, Scan or Email is near to impossible.

Cost: In case, we speak about the Price difference in between a Multi-Function Printer is more expensive than a Copier, the difference could be tracked easily to Thousands of Dollars.

Size: Printers and Multifunction Printers possess a smaller size. Comparatively, a Copier requires a room space and it is Bulky. Multifunction Printers are light and can fit easily on the desks It could be handled easily by one person.

Shall I opt for Copier Rental?

It depends on your choice. If you believe in Quantity, Copiers are the right option and if you believe in Quality, Printers, specifically Multifunction Printers would prove the most appropriate for your upcoming Business requirements. You can get the best clarity at Dubai Laptop Rental Company on +971-50-7559892. Get Latest Information about copier visit us: www.dubailaptoprental.com.

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