Renata CR2450 Batteries – 3V Lithium Coin Cell 2450 Battery (8 Count)


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Renata CR2450 Batteries – 3V Lithium Coin Cell 2450 Battery (8 Count)

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Product Description

Renata lithium micro batteriesRenata lithium micro batteries

Renata BatteriesRenata Batteries

Renata’s long history of coin battery development.

Founded in Switzerland in 1952, Renata is a Swiss producer of micro-batteries for electronic applications, specializing in zinc-air batteries for hearing devices, silver-oxide batteries for watches, and 3V lithium coin cells.

Renata is experienced with the end-to-end battery production process—from development and inspection of raw materials to the testing of the final product. Research, development, production and quality testing are grouped at its modern, highly automated, production plant headquarters in Itingen.

Renata is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified by Bureau Veritas (Switzerland, updated December 2020).

High reliability.Longer battery life due to optimally high constant voltage.Incorporation of safety icons as required by IEC directive 60086.Safety approved by Underwriters Laboratories (Illinois, File #MH14002).Pre-perforated tear strip packaging to easily separate blister packs.Child-resistant packaging certified by Institut VerpackungsMarktforschung (Germany, 2015-2025).

Renata lithium battery applicationsRenata lithium battery applications

Some of the many appliances, devices, and gadgets that you can power with Renata 3-volt lithium cells:

Security devices including fire and smoke detection, alarms, and home keyless entry systems;Medical and personal health appliances such as blood glucometers, heart rate monitors, pacemakers, blood pressure gauges, scales, fitness trackers and watches;Entertainment gadgets, remotes, and designated child-safe toys;Bluetooth beacons and IoT devices such as smart glasses, door bells, light switches, voice controllers, and more;Automotive-related devices including FOB keyless entry and remote-start systems, tire pressure gauges, and remote garage door openers;Small office and business devices such as calculators, payment devices, mobile sensors, metering and monitoring devices, and various facility management system components.

The lithium coin battery line-up by RenataThe lithium coin battery line-up by Renata

Explore the Renata coin cell line-up.

Renata silver oxide watch batteryRenata silver oxide watch battery

Renata lithium coin batteryRenata lithium coin battery

Renata hearing aid batteriesRenata hearing aid batteries

Renata Watch Batteries (SR)

Developed in cooperation with The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, Renata offers its zero-mercury line of silver-oxide batteries in over 30 sizes. These quality batteries are designed to power watches and electronics requiring compact, long-lasting, low-voltage power. Renata is a Swatch Group company alongside recognized Swiss brands that include Swatch, Tissot, Longines, and Omega.

Renata Lithium Batteries (CR)

Renata offers 3-volt lithium batteries in a wide range of sizes. Laboratory-tested and approved (Dynamis Batterien, Germany, 2019, #UN_017_51), Renata lithium coin cells meet high quality standards to provide you excellent reliability. Use them to provide memory backup, or to power your medical and fitness appliances, measuring equipment and sensors, security devices, entertainment gadgets, remotes, and more.

Renata Hearing Aid Batteries (Zinc-air)

Explore our complete line of Renata zinc-air batteries engineered to power both analog and digital hearing assisted devices. Their high constant voltage assures long battery life.

Packaged in easy-to-use dial cards, we stock all popular sizes—10, 312, 13, and 675. Renata hearing aid batteries are precision-made in Switzerland and Germany.

Renata battery line-upRenata battery line-up

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3.0 volts 3.0 volts 3.0 volts 3.0 volts 3.0 volts 3.0 volts

30 mAh 48 mAh 68 mAh 137 mAh 180 mAh 285 mAh

0.393 in. / 10 mm 0.492 in. / 12.5 mm 0.630 in. / 16 mm 0.630 in. / 16 mm 0.787 in. / 20 mm 0.965 in. / 24.5 mm

0.098 in. / 2.5 mm 0.098 in. / 2.5 mm 0.079 in. / 2 mm 0.126 in. / 3.2 mm 0.063 in. / 2.5 mm 0.118 in. / 3 mm

Made in
Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland China Switzerland

Renata Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery – Superior Leakage Resistance
CR2450 | Nominal Voltage – 3V | Nominal Capacity – 540 mAh
The annual self-discharge rate at room temperature (23°C) and normal humidity is less than 1% of the nominal capacity.
Safe products: all Renata and MFR coin cells are UL-recognized products (File No. MH14002)
Environmental-friendly; do not contain toxic substances

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Renata CR2450 Batteries – 3V Lithium Coin Cell 2450 Battery (8 Count)
Renata CR2450 Batteries – 3V Lithium Coin Cell 2450 Battery (8 Count)


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